How to use a mattress

The mattress is a product that requires periodic change – more and more people have become aware of it. Choosing an appropriate model and extending its length of use in good conditions is another story and many users are not aware of the little tricks that help them.

Location area

Until a few years ago, if you asked a buyer where he plans to place the mattress, he was given a surprised look instead. Well, nowadays many people prefer very low beds or completely give up the bed and position the mattress directly on the floor.

Correct installation

For parts placed on the floor, we recommend that you thoroughly clean it beforehand and place a support layer between the floor and the mattress.

In the case of those traditionally placed in bed, check if sleeping mattress is compatible and appropriate to the mattress you have in mind. Spring springs are designed for spring mattresses, while mattresses with memory foam require firm, solid and integral support. The wardrobes, where heavy mattresses are placed, plus the weight of the users, must have a reinforcement system in the central area, otherwise the mattress will soon transform into a coat.

Extend the mattress life

The first thing you can do as soon as you get the mattress is to choose a suitable protective cover. Such a product protects effectively against moisture penetration and absorption into the mattress. In addition, it reduces the amount of dust and dirt that reaches it. Maintaining moisture and organic remnants remotely, a good mattress protection also prevents the growth of mites and molds.

Change bedding frequently. During sleep, the human body “naturally fills”, eliminating perspiration, oils, hair, and dead cells. If you have the habit of choosing to bed on TV, if you have pets and kids, your mattresses are all the more demanding. Expert advice is that the bed linen is changed and washed weekly or at least once every two weeks. From la encantadaTucson you will be getting all the variations in mattress types available on the market.

The mattress should be rotated. Every season change you have to make a habit of rotating the mattress, putting your toes on your head. Thus, avoid the formation of voids and dents in this, on the side you sit each night. Also, depending on the manufacturer’s indications, it may be advisable to return the mattress from one face to the other, also for an extended lifetime.