Best Baby Cot and Mattresses According to Your Affordability

One of the many things that need to be arranged for the birth of your baby is the baby cot. After all, it is best that your baby sleeps in his own bed. Quite a lot of attention and money is spent on the choice of the bedstead. What is often forgotten is the mattress.

Sometimes a new mattress is purchased, but in many cases the baby gets a mattress where first a brother, sister, nephew or niece has slept on. That does not have to be a problem, but it is possible!

Most chosen mattress

In most cases a polyether mattress is chosen. At first glance that makes sense. A baby seems to notice little of the differences. In addition, this mattress type is cheap, easy to make to measure, easy to clean and available everywhere. Spending more money on a mattress for your baby therefore seems unnecessary. Yet this is not entirely correct.

Properties of a good baby mattress

A good mattress for babies must meet a number of conditions, just as with adults. First of all, a mattress must provide good support and resilience. The mattress must conform to the baby body and not the other way around. In addition, the mattress needs to be properly cleaned for your baby, ventilate enough and also be thick enough. A thicker mattress does not automatically mean a better mattress. For a baby mattress, it is best to adhere to the rule of thumb that it must be at least 9 cm thick.

Choice of mattresses for babies

It is important that you don’t stop at the polyether mattress when choosing the baby mattress. There are several types of baby mattresses available for each type of specific advantages and disadvantages.

We have already listed the advantages of the polyether mattress, but there are also certain disadvantages. Polyether mattresses offer moderate support, resilience and ventilating properties. These are important points for the quality of a mattress. Indeed, these disadvantageous properties make a polyether mattress the worst choice for a baby.

The advantages are very high comfort, very good resilience and good hygiene. Your baby will be able to sleep well on one of these species. When choosing a latex mattress, it is best to opt for natural latex mattress from